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What is Credit 4 Loan?
Credit 4 Loan is a company who works with individuals through out their credit improvement series, On which individual who suffers rejection on their Home Loan, Personal Loan, Credit Cards, etc. due to their poor credit score & report gets help in enhancing their credit score on a level where they'll get eligible for their loans & cards at best interest rates on the market.
Who are the promoters of Credit 4 Loan?
Mr Prashant Bhambore & Mr Kaushal Gada are the promoters of the company. Both are management graduates as well as banking professionals.
How many Clients has Credit 4 Loan helped?
Credit 4 Loan has helped many individuals in Analyzing, Controlling and Improving their Credit Score & Report. Trust us even you can be one of those.
Why should I enrol in Credit 4 Loan's program?
If you are sufferng from low credit score and negative credit report due to defaulter, late paymnets, settlements, etc; Then we, on your behalf, will pursue each step to resolve each of your credit issues to increase your credit score to as high a level as possible. Improving your credit score will enable you to save lacs of rupees in interest as banks will be willing to offer you credit facilities at lower rates of interest.
Can Credit 4 Loan's program help to save me money?
Yes. Being aware about Credit is the means to being Wealthy. Let's take a real world example with the example of two individuals who take identical housing loans of 50 lacs each. One has a credit score of 850 while the other has a score of 600. The one who has a score of 600 is likely to pay a higher rate of interest to the bank. Indeed, the additional interest outflow for the person with the score of 650 as mentioned in the above example could be upwards of 15 lacs ! Our structured programs will help to make you credit healthy so that you save lacs of rupees in interest on all types of loans that you will take from financial institutions.
Will I get a loan once I enrol?
We are not a lending company who'll lend you loan but we assure you that you'll get complete assistance from us to get a loan at best interest rates according to your score.
How long does the program take to take effect?
Your annual income, current EMIs, credit history of a borrower & your profile in terms of the company you work, are taken in to consideration when you apply for a loan. Since it is an unsecured loan, lenders specifically look at the repayment history and the credit score of a borrower. It is advisable to conduct regular checks of your CIBIL TransUnion Score and CIR to make sure there are no errors and the overall report looks favorable to the lender.
Can Credit 4 Loan repair my credit rating with Credit Bureaus?:
Yes, Our goal is to help you obtain the highest credit score possible and maintain it.
Once I take a package from Credit 4 Loan, how will I communicate with you?
Our specialised counsellors are available every working day to take your queries. In addition, you will be able to access all of your information on the internet with your personalised and secure login ID and password.

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